Voice Map Finder 3.0


Voice on the map display shows you where to find comfort

Want to find a specific company name that you want to find around the place and his voice will find perfectly comfortable (with Google Maps will be displayed) your current location and destination is displayed to the direction of the chatahgagi comfortable. Wow completely perfect ㅋ = usage = ※ Caution: Busy maepseontaekharaneun window must tteulgyeongwoo Google 'map' Please choose. 1. After pressing the button is where you would like to find. (Eg, hotels, billiard room, motels, hospitals, pharmacies, police stations, convenience stores, Yongsan, race temples, France, Eiffel Tower, New York, jangkkeulrodeubandamui muscle or anything that smells so much more is available.) 2. Easy to locate on the map where the location is displayed chatahgagi. 3. List button displays a list of nearby sequence. 4. If you choose to list detailed information is displayed, dial, where you can share. Available anytime, anywhere around the world. (Amazing!) = = 1, when you need two applications. Girlfriend / boyfriend are both spontaneous nature is a trip I went to watch helplessly from the sea to take roughly deomtaengyi sseuilsu hostel, so 'Pensions', 'Motel', 'accommodation' and so do a search to see the phone when I get to carve accommodation 2. Nicotine is a tobacco and a lighter, because the charging time to die soon gateulttae 'Convenience' when looking for 3. Bob's why New Yorkers like it's a one thousand won, I starve or eat seaweed so inexpensive WORLD BY 6000 won worth of Starbucks coffee drink dotjiango thorn in the mouth to ease your mind full of bravado force Starbucks Coffee Bean paste is too much to drink South sipeulttae ㅠ 'Starbucks' to search quickly! 4. New girl friend in the church in southern Seoul was desperate side sulhanjanhaeseo atmosphere .. There was deep night .. Seoul, when a woman friend's house! Alba sweet and innocent and faithful and affords a faithful pastor jalnaego eleven trillion every single word should be able to kill people is like a hip-hop dialect, well, pretty nasty heukinraepeona ppyamchige epileptics are talking to a girlfriend boyfriend: 'Today Han River bridge motgeonneolkkeo chatgittaemune rain tight times like a boat station was passed and the night deepens the stars glitter alone is sufficient to swim the river geonneolsun not seem like drinking out of a flock of mosquitoes in the night jisaegien them your precious blood for the summer season all the turnovers might go to hell and die suicide is wrong with God protect us? ... mm've got to show you know what application? The famous sonjoyi (sonjoy) hwaindeo map created by the voice against the motel ~ ~ Hey, who is here you say 'girlfriend:' motel ~ 'boyfriend:' You've got a motel close by! All of God know we thank God ㅠ ㅠ 'girlfriend:' Amen ㅠ ㅠ 'God:' motel b b moves moves' This application of the suikgeumjung some the Republic of Korea sports industry to develop a little bit to contribute to the developer's Billiards is spent. (Four 120 Small-dong mayikyu jalchim .. but three managed to come to the possible war, jukppangeun real face instead of a bunch of money .. I'll be right instead of right jukppangeuro .. .. jjangkke naegina're a crock and there lol) application for anal hair removal questions or inquiries or questions or jjangguna huindungyina malborona destroyers or Mother's Day far from being unemployed to being a parent allowance to flower, or anybody who did more than motdalahdeurin ttekkin hyojason please contact us. Give an idea saengmakgeolrideurim kakaohtok: sonjoy

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